Utah – Bryce Canyon

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Rim Trail

The first section of the Bryce Canyon park is very compact and crowded.  There is virtually no parking so it’s best to park your car and take the bus to all the stops.  We parked in long-term and walked to the rim trail (which was a short walk).  Here are some pictures of the rim trail:

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Queens Garden Trail

Next we walked the Queens Garden trail.  We were fortunate to choose this trail because it was shorter (1.8 miles) than most trails and it was about to rain when we arrived at the end of the trail.

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Inspiration Point

Inspiration point has three lookouts that are excellent for viewing the amphitheater, the silent city and the cathedral (all at once).  You can see where the lookout is located on the park map (click here).

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Paria View

The next lookout is called Paria View.

Bryce Point

As you can see in the pictures there was a storm on the other side of the canyon.  We were fortunate to have missed the storm.  A small group of park rangers had a part of the path coned off because of rattle snakes.

Rainbow Point

Rainbow point was the highest point in the park.  The air was thinner and colder.  The temperature was around 65 to 70 degrees when we arrived here.  This lookout is at the end of the road.  We drove past all the remaining lookouts with plans to stop at them on the way back (since each would be a right turn).

Natural Bridge

As we drove back, we stopped at Natural Bridge lookout.

Fairyland Canyon

This lookout and trail is outside the park.  This was the last place we stopped on our way out.  Our intent was to take pictures a the lookout, but the trail beckoned and we hiked about a quarter mile or so.  The trail is rather long and we would have had to hike back up the rim trail to get back to the Jeep so we only went a short distance (with plans to return in the future).

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