Nevada – Red Rock Canyon

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Calico I

This is the first pullout at Red Rock canyon park.  There are trails that all connect to one large trail that goes around the entire park.  You can the trail in some of these pictures.  We walked down to the edge of the cliff, we were saving our energy for other trails.  It was also 115 degrees this day.

Calico II

We stopped at this pullout and took a few quick pictures.

High Point Overlook

This is a very scenic pullout and the view is spectacular.

Keystone Thrust Trail

There is a small rocky road that leads up to this trail.  Fortunately we rented a Jeep, because cars were having a tough time navigating the large boulders embedded in the roadway.  The view from this trail is spectacular.  It was still very hot when we climbed up the first hill (low slope) but we got relief when the sun went behind some clouds.  I would recommend hiking at this park in the Winter season.  The trail is about two and a quarter miles to the end.  I have to admit that I didn’t know what a “thrust” was until we ran into a couple who were headed up after us and they asked if we could see all the colored rocks in the valley.  We certainly saw the colored terrain!

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Red Rock Wash Overlook

This was just a lookout stop.  We took some pictures and rested for a minute.  There was a bench that was positioned to see the entire view.

First Creek Trail

Just outside the park are several more pullouts that belong to the park.  These pullouts have trails, so we walked one of them.  It was starting to cool off some, but we should have taken our backpacks with us anyway!