Nevada – Valley of Fire

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Valley of Fire is a Nevada state park.  There is only a self-help payment area when you enter the park.  We entered the park from Lake Meade national park by turning off of Northshore road and onto Valley of Fire highway.

Elephant Rock

The first stop is called Elephant Rock.  There’s a small trail across the road that we walked a short distance.  The park closes at dusk, which we determined was going to happen around 7:30pm.  Time was running short.


There are several pullouts along the road.  We stopped at one right after Elephant Rock:

The Cabins

Next was a short road to the cabins:

More Pullouts

There are a lot of pullouts along the way and this park is a photograph rich environment.  It’s difficult to take a bad picture.  There is a pullout that has some grills and tables for a cookout.  It’s mixed in with giant rocks called the Seven Sisters.

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Mouse’s Tank Road

Next is a road that goes past the visitor center.  It’s called Mouse’s Tank road.  Don’t miss this part of the park!  Here’s the first part of the road and the first stop called Petroglyph Canyon Trail.  The trail is very sandy as you can see from the pictures:

Rainbow Vista

The photos speak for themselves:

Fire Canyon Road

Next, we turned down Fire Canyon road.  There are a few pullouts here that are spectacular.  There are some trails too, but we were running out of daylight.  My wife and I swore we would someday return to this park and hike the trails.  You can see some people in Fire Canyon hiking with their dogs.

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Back to Mouse’s Tank Road

We turned back onto Mouse’s Tank road and continued to the next two pullouts.

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The Beehives

There is a pullout called the beehives.  Next to the beehives is a “group use” area that was closed for filming purposes (last two photos).