Nevada – Lake Meade

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Lake Meade is a very large park.  Plan a whole day just to drive around and take pictures at the pull-offs.  We hiked two trails when we visited the park.   There is an entrance North of the Hoover dam and the park winds around Lake Meade and exits at the Valley of Fire state park.  The view from the twisty road is spectacular.  After entering the park we stopped at a restaurant on Lake Meade at Hemenway Harbor that was rather good.  To get to this restaurant, enter the park entrance, then drive past the visitor center and historic RR hiking trail parking lot, then there will be a right turn that drives out to a dock.  Park and walk onto the dock to the Harbor House Cafe restaurant.

Lake Meade Pullouts

There are a lot of pullouts along the road where the view is spectacular.

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Northshore Summit Trail

There are a lot of trails at this park.  We walked this trail for a little over a quarter mile then back.  The trail seems to continue over the next hill, but we didn’t have time to continue.  This park visit was supposed to be our “rest” day, so we limited our trail hiking.  Here’s the trail that we did hike:

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Redstone Dune Trail

The next trail we stopped at was the Redstone Dune Trail.  This is a popular stop and the dunes are close to the parking lot.  Walking through here is like walking through an alien landscape.

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Echo Bay

We took a side trip to Echo Bay.  As I mentioned before, this was our “rest” day so we did not bring our water systems (big mistake).  We had bottled water, but it was warm and we decided to find a store and get some cold drinks.  There is a small convenience store down by the docks.  They close by 4:00pm so we got there just in time.  Here’s some pictures of the drive down that road:

Unmarked Trail

There is a pullout located at: 36.361828, -114.481253 (Google Maps).  From this pullout is a small trail that leads next to a river and into the mountains.  We walked this path a short distance to obtain these pictures: